Extraction Clean

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Deep Clean Your Kitchen From the Inside, Out.

Deep cleaning your commercial kitchen’s extraction system, ensures a consistent flow of clean air from the outside in to ensure you meet regulations. 

Your extraction system is what facilitates the flow of clean air throughout your kitchen.

It also forms an intrinsic part of your health and safety strategy, with insurers emphasising the importance of an annual clean.

An annual extraction clean plan is a requirement which demonstrates your commitment as a commercial workplace to mitigate potential environmental, health, and fire risks.

A dirty extraction system can lead to a plethora of issues, including increased fire risk and the chance of an Environmental Health Officer closing your kitchen completely.

An invisible and largely unseen stumbling block; don’t let a dirty extraction system trip your business up!

Schedule an annual extraction clean to ensure you meet regulations and to protect your kitchen.

What the Extraction Cleaning Plan includes

When you schedule an Extraction Cleaning Plan through Millers Catering Equipment, our approved partners and team members will carry out the clean at a time that suits you, as part of a pre-approved schedule. Upon completion of the clean, you will receive the following:

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