Gas Safety Testing and Certification For Your Commercial Catering Equipment

Helping commercial kitchens to adhere to legal regulations, through gas safety inspections, maintenance services, and compliance support.

Gas safety forms part of the legal regulations for any commercial kitchen and covers every piece of equipment or appliance on site which uses gas.

Regular inspections are required to test and assess the safety of the equipment, pipework, and connected flues – providing adequate certification upon completion. If an appliance fails to pass its check, Millers Catering Equipment can provide subsequent support with remedial works, or removal and replacement; helping you to source a new appliance in record time to minimise disruption to your kitchen.

Why do you need an annual gas safety inspection?


Gas safety is a legal requirement in the UK, with your kitchen’s gas certificate requiring annual renewal by law.


Gas safety gives you peace of mind, knowing that you and your team are operating in a safe environment.


By testing the gas appliances across your kitchen, you can extend their lifespan and identify any issues early.


Annual gas safety certificate checks are the only way to receive an updated certificate for the year, keeping your kitchen safe and operational.

Supplying the end to end solution, our product range includes:


Water boilers

Ware washing

Coffee machines

A CP42 certificate will be issued upon completion of the inspection. If any further work is required, this will be outlined by your inspector, who will follow up with advice on remedial work and how you can maximise the efficiency of your kitchen apparatus while meeting gas safety regulations.

Millers Catering Equipment can offer gas safety inspections as part of a full kitchen service if preferred.

Your annual gas safety inspection is designed to ensure that your kitchen is compliant as well as safe to work in, with the Millers Catering Equipment team offering unrivalled support in isolating any issues and helping you to overcome them without disruption to the kitchen.

The inspection service that we offer includes the following steps:

Gas Safety Interlock Systems for Commercial Kitchens

We offer a range of gas interlock and proving systems which can be installed to meet the requirements of your kitchen.

If any aspects of your gas piping and safety system need updating, we can plan, supply, and install all the necessary equipment including pipework, solenoid valve and interlock system.

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